How We Designed the BeWater Genesis Badge

How We Designed the BeWater Genesis Badge


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BeWater is an open innovation platform that hosts hackathons and other innovation events. These events bring together developers and designers to collaborate on the creation of next-generation technological solutions. Our goal is to facilitate a community of creative thinkers and experts from all over the globe. Together, we can pool our resources to address industrial issues and propel humanity forward.

At BeWater's early stages, our target users are designers and developers. Those who are interested can apply for the Genesis Badge through airdrop before the official launch of the platform. As the first badge in our community, the Genesis Badge marks a significant milestone in our community's development.

We plan to analyze your public data from Github or Figma to differentiate badge tiers. This will allow us to more accurately assess a user's actual ability and experience in development and design, and reward them accordingly.

Both the Designer and Developer Badges feature the BeWater-created Satofish logo as their centerpiece. Read this post by our co-founder BMAN to learn more about the backstory.

The fisheye's usage of a circle, a ubiquitous shape in design, alludes to the designer's never-ending quest for aesthetic harmony and perfection. Next to it is a light that represents the digital designer's openness to new ideas and willingness to try new things.

The grid is a prominent layout tool among designers; it symbolizes their pursuit of order and regularity and their mastery over structure and layout.

Third, the "8px" in the top right corner represents one of the most fundamental design measuring units. It's a symbol of the designer's skill with their chosen tools and the embodiment of their professional competence.

From left to right, from top to bottom, they are T3, T2, T1, and T0.

First, the Terminal Icon in the fisheye shows the developer's technical expertise by alluding to the developer's reliance on the command line in the course of their everyday job.

The binary code stream used as a background is a symbol of the technical challenges programmers face when writing code, as well as their commitment to their craft and ability to do thorough research. Developers need to be creative and quick on their feet to figure out ways around a wide range of technical problems that come up when working with these complicated code flows.

The level-specific icon appears in the top-right corner. The progression from T3 to T0 is represented by the Commit, Fork, Pull Request, and Star icons. T3's Commit icon represents a developer at the beginning of their career who is familiar with the fundamentals of code management and version control; T2's Fork icon indicates that the developer has mastered the skills of collaborative development and can independently carry out project development and maintenance; and T1's Pull Request icon indicates that the developer already possesses a high technical level and leadership ability and can promote others to that level. Developers who have earned the T0 Star Icon have shown exceptional creativity and made significant contributions to the open-source world. The "golden legend" is a symbol of open-source software's most accomplished programmers.

Thank you for your interest in the BeWater project. Our team will continue to update information in the coming weeks and organize challenging events for our users. Follow our official account for the latest news.




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