Get Ready to Start Your Innovation Journey with BeWater - Launching Soon!

Get Ready to Start Your Innovation Journey with BeWater - Launching Soon!


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About BeWater

BeWater is an ecosystem-building platform designed for cutting-edge technology fields. Each builder on BeWater may be a creative individual with professional skills, an organization or company dedicated to driving industry development, or a co-creation partner willing to provide product feedback. All builders come together on BeWater to collaborate and innovate, solve problems, and create application ecosystems. Our vision is to create an open, inclusive, and positive builder community, where builders from all walks of life can collaborate across boundaries to create surprising chemical reactions.

Core Values of BeWater

BeWater's core service is an open innovation competition hosting system. We are committed to providing standardized solutions for challenge organizers and sponsors. From presenting competition information, marketing, organizing excellent builders to participate in the competition, to finally selecting the winners, BeWater not only provides highly professional services in the process-oriented solution but also continuously provides more services necessary for ecosystem building for customers.

BeWater's open innovation competitions are not limited to hackathons alone. In the future, we will also host competitions based on product design, theme Demo Day, business innovation, etc. We are committed to helping upstream and downstream partners in the ecosystem complete low-cost and high-return execution strategies.

In the future, BeWater will launch more features and services to provide high-quality ecosystem-building services for project parties, bring more opportunities for builders to showcase themselves, and bring more vitality to the ecosystem.

Join BeWater

We sincerely invite builders, challenge hosts, and sponsors to join us in this exciting journey. If you want to help shape the future of innovation and make a contribution to a better future, we sincerely invite you to visit to fill out the Waiting List and join the BeWater community.

Follow BeWater on social media to stay updated with our latest news, events, and competitions. You can find us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram Channel. Join our community and be a part of the conversation on the future of ecosystem building. Let's collaborate, innovate and create together!



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